Thank you for your interest in Eyeco’s fine line of eyes and for continuing to place your orders with us.  We continue to make it our top priority to get your order shipped as soon as possible.  However, with the country currently sheltering in place and continuing to maintain safe distancing, suppliers as well as […]

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FIRST CLASS MAIL NOW AVAILABLE !!   EYECO is now offering first class mail as a shipping option.  First class will be available on orders consisting of no more than 14 pair of eyes.  Simply select “Calculate Shipping” in your shopping cart, fill in the required information and select update.  You will then be able to […]

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Welcome To Eyeco

Welcome to Eyeco’s new home. There are many new things that have been added and enhanced to make your visit more enjoyable. Navigating Eyeco’s site is easier than ever with all of your choices available on every page. Remember, you can always return to the Home Page at any time with a click on the […]

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This is where custom designs made for one-of-a-kind doll artists are being made available to you in both the Platinum Glass and PolyGlass© lines on a limited time and quantity basis. Should you have certain colors or styles that you would like to see, please email us and let us know, as our custom library […]

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Comparison Shopping is now available. Simply click on your first eye choice. A new page will appear with a larger eye picture and ordering options. Choose the “Compare” button and wait for “View Compare” to appear. You can then choose other eyes for comparison from the current or different collections in the same manner. When […]

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EYECO IS SHIPPING but ... (see Blog for further details) ... Dismiss