EYECO’s year has been a busy one.  Thank you all for visiting our site and for selecting EYECO.  If on the site you cannot find an answer to a question you may have, please be sure to contact us.  We are always happy to hear from you with questions, comments or suggestions.  If you are looking for a specific color or design, be sure to contact us as we have a library too extensive to publish and are always happy to work with you to create something special just for your creation.  

EYECO has introduced Cream Soda, a playful soft beige/brown eye with warm gold tones, available in 16 mm – 24 mm sizes, as well as new colors available in EYECO’s Dragon and Custom Color offerings — with more to come.  As new colors are added, they will make their appearance in our New Arrivals collection.  

EYECO’s Limited Edition Collection will have many new visitors in both the Platinum Glass and PolyGlass© Series who will only be staying for a short period of time, so check in frequently to see the new colors.  One of our most anticipated colors will be Ultra Black — our darkest and most mysterious offering in the dark brown/black color palette.

We enjoyed visiting with all of you who stopped by at ID&TS and ROSE.  Thank you all for your questions and comments and the opportunity to introduce you to our various product lines.  Hopefully, we were able to answer all of your questions. If not, please be sure to contact us.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!________ Dismiss